Trolley Wire

Trolley-Wire started life as the members’ journal of the South Pacific Electric Railway (Sydney Tramway Museum), but over time has morphed into a journal for Australian tramway museum coverage.

SPER News was ‘spun off’ from Trolley-Wire in the early 70’s as Trolley-Wire became more nationally focused and a journal of record and a separate newsletter was created to keep the membership informed of activities and events around the museum itself.

Please note that these archives are provided in the spirit of ‘scholarly cooperation’ to allow members and interested parties to access back issues and do personal research and are still covered by Copyright and Intellectual property rights. SPER does NOT release these to the public domain.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to Trolley-Wire or obtain back issues, please contact the museum via our PO Box.

If you wish to use any part of these documents in other publications, please contact the current Trolley-Wire editor, Bob Merchant to discuss usage terms.

Trolley Wire indexes

In 2000 an index was prepared for the issues of Trolley Wire published from its inception in February 1952 to the November issue in 1999.

20th Century Index

In late 2017 an index was prepared for the issues of Trolley Wire published between February 2000 and November 2017. Like its predecessor, the 2000-2017 index covers articles published in the magazine; significant news items and other material including reports of COTMA conferences, book and video reviews, and obituaries. For the convenience of use, each entry in the Table of Contents is hot-linked to the appropriate page. The 2000-2017 index is here –

21st Century Index

It was not practical for the index for 2000 to 2017 to be integrated with the earlier volume. However, the intention is that the Twenty-first Century index will be updated on an annual basis, extending it to cover later years.

To assist those requiring hard copies, both indexes are formatted for printing at A4.

Please excuse the inconsistent formatting in the list below. The much of the web code was automatically generated using a simple script due to the need to generate some 200+ reference links.

Recent issues are not immediately made available here. Please contact the museum for recent back issues.


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