Take A Ride On A Vintage Tram

MUSEUM ANNOUNCEMENT regarding COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please note: The line to Royal National Park is still unavailable whilst we await parts for repairs. Trams ARE only operating between the museum and the Sutherland end of the line. Trams are NOT operating to the Royal National Park until repairs are made. The museum display hall and rides to Sutherland continue to operate on SUNDAYS only due to COVID.

[9th August 2020]


On Sunday, 9 August 2020 our trams returned to service at the Sydney Tramway Museum. As of October the museum continues to only operate on SUNDAYS with COVID guidelines in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to the museum.


After much planning, consultation and consideration, the Sydney Tramway Museum reopened from Sunday 9th August. The Museum will be open on Sundays only and we look to opening on Wednesdays again in the near future. The safety of all at the museum is our priority, so strict covid guidelines will be in place to ensure that both visitors and volunteers are safe at all times. Volunteer staff and visitors to the Museum will need to observe the following: Social distancing guidelines will be in place.

Maximum of 160 visitors at the Museum at any one time.

All Visitors must record their contact details on entry (similar to Clubs and restaurants) for Covid tracing should it become necessary.

Display Hall: limit of 40 persons at any one time. Limited numbers will also apply in the Bookshop and Kiosk.

Contactless payment preferred and tickets will not be sold on our trams.

Hand sanitiser will be available to volunteer staff and visitors as they board trams and in the display hall, at the front gate, and in the shops.

Cleaning of all tram handrails and seats will occur after every trip.

Limited passenger numbers on tram journeys (following Covid guidelines) Families can travel together on trams.

Please remember it is vital that if you have any symptoms including:

Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness Of Breath, Nausea/Vomiting, Difficulty Breathing


Have traveled to another country or Victoria recently


Had close contact with someone suspected of having coronavirus

That you POSTPONE your visit to the Museum.

The re-opening of the museum is dependent on our volunteers meeting strict protocols and Health guidelines. Changes to government restrictions and circumstances can occur without notice, so please check our website or Facebook page on the day of your visit to avoid disappointment. Thank you to all our Museum volunteers who have continued to support the museum through efforts such as maintenance on site, but also to those who are at home and help behind the scenes with admin and other important work that has ensured that the Museum is ready to commence operations again. Thanks also to the many who have continued to donate to the Museum during the enforced Covid shutdown, we really appreciate your support. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider donating soon. Your ongoing support is both vital and appreciated! We look forward to welcoming you back to the Museum very soon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Currently Wednesday operations are still suspended.


Take a step back in time at the Sydney Tramway Museum, a great day out for the whole family. It is a unique attraction in the Sutherland Shire for over 50 years, located at Loftus right next to the railway station and entirely run by volunteers. Sydney’s Trams were an important part of everyday life for over 80 years until 1961. You can experience them at the museum which houses a wide selection of Sydney Trams, plus an interstate collection of trams from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, and Bendigo, as well as trams from overseas including San Francisco, Nagasaki, Munich, Milan and Berlin.

Y1 611 and O1111 passing in Tramway Ave

Jump on board and get your ticket from the conductor as you ‘Shoot Through Like A Bondi Tram’ along 4km’s of track towards Sutherland and the Royal National Park (Operating for over 25 years).

Then take time to check out the display hall full of some of our unique trams, including the oldest operating electric tram in Australia dating back to 1896.

Grab a photo behind the controls or take a seat on board. A wide range of equipment and memorabilia from the former Sydney system is preserved here and can be inspected. Enjoy the large photographic display from locations all over Sydney where the trams once ran.

Vintage Tramway Festival 2017
Get your ticket from the conductor

Grab a bite to eat at the Kiosk which serves hot and cold food, ice creams, tea and coffee, and a variety of drinks. Or pop into the Souvenir Shop and pick up a book or DVD to learn more about the trams.

The Museum is entirely run by volunteers and every dollar from your ticket sale goes towards keeping the museum operational. We pride ourselves on being a hands on experience so young and old can enjoy the trams.


If you really enjoy your day out why not join up and lend a hand.
Learn skills in all areas from Track and Infrastructure, to Workshop, to Conducting and Driving. Pick up a membership form from one of our helpful volunteers.

Join the team in the workshop restore trams to their former glory.

We are in need of more volunteers to help out, so if you really enjoy visit to the museum why not come back, become a member, and lend a hand. Volunteers are needed in all areas of the museum, from Traffic being conductor and driver to helping in the workshop, cleaning, and even admin.

An advertisement for conductors to join the Sydney Tramways. Why not join the museum and try your hand at a being a conductor.  

Operating Days:

… Wednesdays .. 10 – 3 pm

… Sundays   … 10 – 5 pm

The Royal National Park

Trams operate to The Royal National Park on all our open days. The first tram operates at 10.15am, then hourly. (Wednesday last trip departs National Park at 2:30pm, Sunday at 4:30pm.)

Between these trips there are shorter rides towards Sutherland.

Keep an eye on the website and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SydneyTramwayMuseum/ for special events including our annual Vintage Tramway Festival on the last Sunday in February.


Looking for an ideal location for photography or filming. Contact us for a great setting. Check out our museum and trams used in films such as ‘Ladies In Black’, or ‘Harp In The South’, both filmed on location at the museum.

Something a bit different for your wedding, why not get photos with our trams. The perfect backdrop for your special day. We can arrange a time for you and your wedding party to get those memorable shots with our vintage trams. Email us today to sort out a time and day.

There’s Always Something New….

Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for all the latest activities and going-ons at the museum. New exhibits and trams arrive regularly. Check out the latest tram from 1997 Variotram 2107.

The museums latest addition to the collection. Sydney Variotram 2107.