Vacation care visits

Children love tram rides! It’s best to book!

tramVacation Care Centres will find the Sydney Tramway Museum a fun venue for their young clients to enjoy.

They will be able to enjoy rides on different styles of tram, from comparatively modern types to older open style cross bench cars from an earlier era. Different trams head in different directions, providing a variety of scenery.

There is also a Display Hall where older and particularly interesting trams are on show. We ask that your Group Leader arrange a suitable time for this activity soon after your arrival so that a staff member can be ready to assist you for this activity at an agreed time.

We don’t forget recess and lunch!

For recess and lunchtime, a large picnic shelter (actually the original huge Railway Square Tramway Waiting Shed) boasts picnic tables and benches. It is proving ideal for vacation care groups.

tramWhile most children will bring their own lunch, some may be in a position to purchase ice creams or other light refreshments. Our kiosk of a modest size so the young customers will need to visit this in small groups. The same kiosk can also ply your carers with tea and coffee! Should any children arrive without sufficient food, a solution can be Loftus Lean Meat Pies. Many schools throughout Sydney are supplied from our local bakery! These should be ordered shortly after arrival to ensure they are reserved for your charges.

Our admission charges are very low.

Our Museum strives to be affordable – it’s just $10 per child. And we do not charge for Vac Care carers! We are able to do this as all our staff are unpaid volunteers. We are a community-owned organisation!

Booking is so easy!


Contact us by email at or call our special Group Booking Line 9542 3604 which is staffed on Mondays to Fridays during business hours. (This is diverted to a mobile, so on rare occasions, if it is out of range or cannot be answered immediately, please try again a little later.)

Booking is essential for groups so that those attending can be accommodated safely on the trams and conducted in comfort through the Display Hall.

Photos: top – Frank McQuade; centre – Josh Dreves; lower – Martin Pinches

Our team of volunteers looks forward to welcoming your Centre’s children and carers.

Group bookings by email or call the group booking line – 9542 3604 – business hours on weekdays.