Enthusiasts’ Corner

This section of the website is for a ‘behinds the scenes’ look at the work that often goes unseen that make the museum run. There are many small and large projects, often running in parallel that helps keep the museum running. Projects in progress will be more like blogs with regular additions until that mini-project is complete, where the page will then ‘freeze’ and be left as a record of the work undertaken.

This page automatically includes all the subpages from this section of the site and lists the posts in each category in ‘last updated’ order. The latest updates in each area are always listed at the top of that section.

Now onto some content

Five latest updates

Tracks and other infrastructure

Below are some of the overall pages documenting the major infrastructure projects that have occurred at the museum in the past decade. Regular updates to specific pages are listed above.

Overhead Works



Events and special hires