Workshop December 2019

4th December

The biggest task of the day has been to find out the cause of a fault in the water pump motor for Scrubber car 11. After being removed from the car, the motor was taken apart on the work bench where it was revealed to be in generally good condition. The biggest problem found was rust on the armature bearings, which will be turned back in the workshop lathe. Whilst the opportunity presents itself, the workshop crew will also give the rest of the motor components a general clean up and overhaul. This will allow for the motor – once reassembled and placed back inside the car – to provide consistent operations whenever the water pump is required for use.

Photos by Michael Hatton

Meanwhile, the Wednesday crew have continued work on rebuilding Melbourne cable tram trailer 589, with the new side ribbing close to being completed. Once this is finished, the trailer will be put back on its truck, allowing it to be mobile again.

11th December

The water pump motor for Scrubber 11 has been lightly cleaned and overhauled, allowing it to be reassembled and placed back inside the tram where it has worked a treat. The only works left to do before the scrubber car can be fully commissioned, are a few minor jobs such as refilling the water tanks and adding couplers to both ends of the tram. It is expected to bring 11 (ex 139s) into service by early next year.

Works continue on the end aprons of W2 249, with holes previously holding the marker light cables and mouldings in place being filled in and sanded back.

Melbourne Cable Tram trailer No. 589 is now back under its truck, after spending over a year on workshop stands. The procedure to lift the trailer body and re-attach it to the truck, only took an hour to complete, with the job finished before lunchtime. Whilst much work on 589 still needs to be done, including attending to the roof, the task of truck reunification is a major step forward in seeing this particular project come closer to completion.

21st December