Dedication/Opening of the Sutherland railway Substation.

As shown Restoration of the Sutherland Railway Substation post, Sydney Trains, over the last year has been working on restoring the former Substation building.

Sydney Trains collaborated with the museum to obtain several items for display in the building as detailed in the restoration post and was supported in this by Transport Heritage and the Transport ministry.

On the 12th of December, 2017, the substation was formally ‘opened’ by a number of VIPs, including Howard Collins (Sydney Trains), Andrew Constance (Member for Bega, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure), Lee Evans (Member for Heathcote).

A number of Sydney Trains personnel who assisted with the project also attended as did Andrew Moritz of Transport Heritage NSW.

While the substation has been ‘formally’ opened as a display hall, various approvals and paperwork have to be signed off before we can show members of the public through the display.

Matthew Geier

Matthew Geier