Vintage Tramway Festival 2022

The museum’s annual Vintage Tramway Festival for 2022 took place on Sunday 27th February. In a line-up similar to last year’s, trams used during the event consisted of LP 154, N 728, coupled O cars 805 + 1111, P 1497 and R 1740 with works trams 99u, 141s and 134s providing demonstration runs between passenger trips. Additionally, a surprise appearance was made by Variotram 2107 which was placed on display in Cross Street. The museum’s post-war AEC double decker bus No. 2619 once again provided shuttle trips between the museum and Sutherland station, with the Sydney Bus Museum also attending the event with their own Leyland double decker No. 1579 along with the Model A Ford Car Club. Sydney Heritage Electric Train F1 made two visits to Loftus in the morning and afternoon as well, with visitors changing for tram rides into the Royal National Park. Overall good crowds were seen throughout the day and a big thank you must be to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the event successful once again.

Below are three YouTube videos which captured some of the excitement of the festival:

Credit: Buses, Trams and Trains
Credit: Scoot4250