Repainting R1 2001

Following on from the recent repaint of Melbourne W2 class tram No. 249, attention has now been redirected towards the repaint of Sydney R1 class tram No. 2001. Like 249, this car was originally recovered from a rural property by the museum, and restored at Bendigo Workshops in 2001 for a proposed tourist tramway in Canberra that never eventuated. As a result of this proposed use, it was painted in a promotional livery of two-tone blue, which paid tribute to the RAAF advertising scheme worn by R1 1974 for a brief period in the early 50’s. The repaint, which is part of a grant involving Transport Heritage NSW and the Royal Australian Historical Society, will see the blue colour scheme removed, and the car returned to the post-war variation of the traditional Sydney Green and Cream livery. The task is expected to take a couple of months to complete.

1st August 2020

2001 has been moved into the workshop in preparation for upcoming undercoating works. This work is to be carried out by the museum’s regular paint-shop crew, before a hired professional painter arrives to commence work on the official task of repainting.

6th August 2020

8th August 2020

Undercoating works continue, along with repairs to deteriorated window sills.

15th August 2020

21st August 2020

5th September 2020

The museum’s hired painter for the project, Barry Mossop, has arrived onsite this week and has begun applying the second coat of primer to the car.

10th September 2020

12th September 2020

Application of the first coat of Sydney cream has been completed, as the rest of the car is lightly sanded in preparation for the first coat of Sydney post-war green.

18th September 2020

The first coat of Sydney green has been applied to the roof fascia, with work on the second coat of Sydney cream also making good progress.

25th September 2020

The car’s body panels and cab aprons have had their first coat of Sydney green applied, with Barry already starting work on the second coat.

26th September 2020

2nd October 2020

The tram’s fenders and end bumper bars have received both the first and second coats of Sydney maroon as Barry also completes the black dividing stripe, giving the car a much more finished appearance. Only a few minor jobs are left to be done, before the task of repainting is complete.

3rd October 2020

Barry has repainted the handrails on the car, with the bumper bars also being reinstalled.

7th October 2020

2001’s numeral decals have been applied to the cab fronts and side panels, meaning that aside from some minor outstanding tasks, the car’s repaint is now all but finished.

10th October 2020

The repaint of R1 2001 is now officially complete, and to mark occasion, the opportunity was taken to bring the trams out of the workshop for some photo opportunities on the traverser; the day’s sunlight bringing out the high quality of the paintwork. The car is expected to stay in the workshop until room can be found in the running shed for it, where it will eventually be made COVID safe and then placed back into service. Many thanks are to be extended to the Transport Heritage Grants Program – administered by the Royal Australian Historical Society, and supported by Transport Heritage NSW – for making this repaint possible, the museum volunteers who helped to prepare the car in the early stages, and lastly to Barry Mossop for carrying out the main task of repainting. All your work is much appreciated.

7th November 2020

R1 2001 has been moved out of the workshop and into the running shed. Further work is still required to be undertaken on the car before it can return to service, such as new trolley pole ropes, and general COVID compliance measures.