South Shed services installation

Work has recently commenced on connecting the South Shed to the museum’s main power supply. A trench has been excavated to allow ducting to be laid between the shed, and the No. 2 substation where 415v mains is available.

April 2019

More conduits have been laid and the trench extended towards the substation.

April 2020

A further series of conduits and a new power switch have been bolted to a nearby overhead pole, and the trench filled in.

Meanwhile, cable trays have been installed inside the shed itself to allow for future wiring to run above ground, and reach the power box that’s located on the highway side of the shed.

October 2020

Closer to No.2 Substation, a new trench was recently dug out to allow new conduits for the South Shed power supply to be laid. This was work was done within a few weeks and the trench has now been filled in