South Shed services installation

Work has recently commenced on connecting the South Shed to the museum’s main power supply. A trench has been excavated to allow ducting to be laid between the shed, and the No. 2 substation where 415v mains is available.

April 2019

More conduits have been laid and the trench extended towards the substation.

April 2020

A further series of conduits and a new power switch have been bolted to a nearby overhead pole, and the trench filled in.

Meanwhile, cable trays have been installed inside the shed itself to allow for future wiring to run above ground, and reach the power box that’s located on the highway side of the shed.

October 2020

Closer to No.2 Substation, a new trench was recently dug out to allow new conduits for the South Shed power supply to be laid. This was work was done within a few weeks and the trench has now been filled in.

April 2021

10th April

CSO Workers have made significant progress extending the conduits trench further south from the power service pits laid three years ago, meeting up with another trench they’ve dug out which runs across the front of the south shed, and to a previously excavated pit on the highway side of the building. It is hoped this trench can have conduits and plumbing laid by next week, allowing it to be quickly filled in so as to allow minimal disruption to museum passenger services.

17th April

CSO Workers laid water piping and electrical/communications conduits within the trench running across the South Shed entrance in the hours before lunchtime, allowing it to be filled in by the end of the day.

24th April

Two electrical service pits have been installed and connected to several newly laid conduits in the railway facing trench. A further set of conduits are to be laid between the service pits in this area next week, before this trench can be filled in and work continued further south.

May 2021

1st May

The rest of the conduits were laid between the newly installed pits, allowing the trench to be filled in by the afternoon. Currently the service pits are partially above ground, as it is intended to raise the height of the adjacent tram track in the longer term when it is relaid in concrete. This is will see the rails and pits level with each other.

August 2021

7th August

During lockdown, a small group of members continued to carry out essential maintenance of the museum. This included completing the remaining section and conduit works in this area, with the size of a previously excavated trench increased.

14th August

The remaining stretch of trench to have conduits laid was widened and ready for conduit installation.

28th August

Electrical and communication conduits were laid and connected to their respective pits. A water main was also installed for future use.

September 2021

4th September

Backfilling of the trench commenced, with only small amount left to be completed.

11th September

Trench back filling was completed, with only small sections surrounding the pits left to be done. Additionally, more cable trays at the southern end of the shed were also installed, with conduits placed through the retaining wall for future access to the pit.

October 2021

Two new water taps have been installed.