Crossing approach curve pull off installation

After a long hiatus, the installation of the pull offs on the curve to the level crossing has been undertaken. Recent storms (August 2020) caused some damage in this area and while addressing those issues, the work to install the extra pull offs on the curve was undertaken.

Emergency storm repairs were undertaken on the weekend of the 15th of August 2020 and the opportunity was taken to complete the installation of one pair of pull offs. This used the railway style ‘bracket arms’ we obtained a number of years ago. The following weekend the next pair were installed.

This work now makes the route to No2 substation pantograph compatible and will put less stress on the trolley wheels of the pole trams as the wire is more centrally aligned to the tracks.

View from the tower of 99u. Visual inspection that all attachments are correctly placed. (Danny Adamopoulos)

Further work is required in this area. The National Park line section isolator is not a pantograph compatible type and will be replaced along with other adjustment work in the next few weeks.