TAFE Crossing

Addition of track panels on either side of the 2nd (Eastern) track at TAFE crossing

This is minor enabling work for future use. Long-term plans have the museum double track run between the two Pitt Street crossings (which we call Pitt Street crossing and TAFE Crossing, but both are Pitt Street – it runs through the TAFE and back out again).

The main driver for this is to ensure the Rawson Road upgrade respects the rail corridor and it’s levels, as the round-about at this location is not properly located and is too close to the track.

The small Tuesday night gang have been welding up rails at this location.

This also means we have a place for surplus concrete. With Waratah Loop complete, we have few places to take offered surplus concrete. Setting these panels up means we have somewhere to use future donations.

Danny Adamopolous

Matthew Geier

March 2018

The Tuesday night team have been ‘chipping’ away at this for some time, welding up a new ‘track drain’ and building formwork.


Danny Adamopoulos

Danny Adamopoulos

The preparation work paid off when a significant amount of surplus concrete arrived over several Saturdays.

Danny Adamopoulos

This will only be concreted just to the end of the track panel. In the near future, a set of points will be placed where the line becomes single track to Waratah loop.

April 10th, 2018

A good load of surplus concrete has allowed the northern leg of this crossing to be completed.

Danny Adamopoulos/Matthew Geier

Focus will now shift to the southern side of the crossing where a similar single panel of track will be constructed.

December 2018

Not much has happened for a while at this location, however a lot of work is planned here over the summer.

Between Christmas and New Years, the Sutherland line will be closed beyond TAFE crossing and a new set of left hand Melbourne style points placed in the mainline to the north of the crossing that will eventually form the northernmost limit of double track from the museum.

On Saturday the 8th a quantity of concrete turned up that was used to secure the track panel to the south of the actual crossing.

Matthew Geier