Road 13 Overhead Troughing Project

Work has commenced on the long-delayed project of wiring up road 13 in our secondary operations building, which will allow for Variotram 2107 – which is stabled in this road – to be powered up and moved out of the shed via overhead power, as opposed to the wondering lead currently used. The first stage of this project – spearheaded by one of our young members Daniel Nguyen, with assistance from Michael Hatton and Infrastructure Manager Danny Adamopoulos – is to restore five sections of depot overhead troughing that the museum has in stock. This troughing was originally donated to the museum in 1980 by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences from Ultimo tram depot, with many sections from this donation already used for the overhead in Roads 1, 2, 3, 4 and 12. Each section of troughing selected will go through specific stages of renewal, starting with sanding, two coats of primer then a coat of electrical insulating varnish before assembly, then a final coat of varnishing.

February 2022

4th February

The best sections of troughing have been selected and laid out along the floor of road 13 to determine the final length. Pieces which have rotted ends will be marked and cut accordingly.

12th February

Brackets to support the overhead have been picked out from our stock and labelled.

19th February

The first sections of troughing have been placed on work horses for the beginning of restoration works.

Danny has also put PVC glue on any problematic cracks in the timbers. Once dry the wood will be ready for sanding.

March 2022

12th March

The first set of timbers have received both coats of primer, which will prevent the insulating varnish being absorbed by the wood

19th March

The first coat of insulating varnish has been applied to the troughing.

Meanwhile miscellaneous pieces such as side and triangle timbers have been primed and varnished for future assembly.

26th March

More pieces have been varnished with assistance from young member Nathan Woo. A trial fitting of the first two sections is expected to happen soon.

April 2022

9th April

Trial fitting of loose troughing parts has taken place, which will help determine the cutting and positioning of the various pieces in the final result. Once decided, the pieces will be permanently fitted and the second coat of varnish applied to the entire length of trough.

In the meantime, priming and varnishing of more troughing timbers continues to progress at a steady pace.

16th April

Completed sections of troughing have been labelled and stored for future final fittings. Meanwhile work reaches the halfway mark as the last several sections of troughing are sanded back and primed.

23rd April

Varnish has been applied to the second last piece of main timber troughing, with only one section and several loose pieces left to do before another fit out.

30th April

Several more miscellaneous pieces such as side timbers have been varnished or primed with undercoat.

May 2022

7th May

Progress continues on varnishing and preparing more side pieces.