Sutherland railway substation – A Sydney Trains project

Adjacent to the Museum’s north terminus is a large building that was built as part of the electrification to Sutherland and the building of the Cronulla branch in the 1930s. The building has been derelict for some years as the operational substation moved to an open yard next door.

Sydney Trains started a restoration of this historic building in early 2016. By mid April the building was rather noticeably covered in scaffolding.

April 2016

Matthew Geier

November 2016

Sydney Train’s contractors have been working away on this for months. The builder’s site office is on Museum land. While they are there, the old Cremorne tram waiting shed the museum has had in ‘kit form’ for some years is being reconstructed next to Waratah Loop by these builders. For various reasons the new waiting shed is more a replica than a restoration.

Newly restored Sutherland railway substation. Replica waiting shed under construction next to Waratah Loop.
Restored Sutherland substation.

Matthew Geier

December 2016

Danny Adamopolous

Matthew Geier

April 2017

The rotary converter, freshly painted is moved to the Railway substation for eventual display there. Also relocated at the same time were a number of slate backed converter instrument/control panels which will be restored and displayed alongside the rotary converter.

Danny Adamopoulos