Overhead – Depot Main pole stablisation

One of the poles holding up the depot-main – yard overhead has started to move. Investigations showed the pole to be fine, but the soil was not able to take the strain of keeping the pole upright.
A large hole has been excavated the near the pole, into which a large concrete block with a shackle will be cast. This will then hold a back-stay for the pole to take the force the yard overhead is placing on this pole.

Danny Adamopolous

The overhead crew often work on extra days as not to interfere with normal operations or Saturday works. They also tend to just get on with the job at hand and not take photos of themselves, so, unfortunately, overhead works is underrepresented in the photographic record.

August/September 2019

After a long break, while other projects took priority, more work has been done on this project. The re-bar cage was welded up, the concrete poured and the marble block retaining wall re-instated.

Danny Adamopolous

Reinstating the retaining wall.

Michael Hatton

January 2020

Photographer: Michael Hatton

Now that the pole is much stronger, work on the depot overhead can commence.