Workshop June 2019

1st of June

The big job for the day was returning 1692’s pantograph to the roof of the car. Now freshly painted and overhauled. Once every thing is reconnected this will enable to car to move under it’s own power. It will not enter regular traffic service until the museum overhead is made pantograph compatible. Work continues on 11W’s roof to repair weather damage.

Photos by Michael Hatton

15th June

Work continues on the braking system on 1692. Problems have been found with the compressor and governer.

11W’s roof is being painted with navy dressing to waterproof it. A new trolley bridge is being fabricated. 11W will retain the pantograph AND pole.

It’s currently proposed to paint the car MMTB green and cream to make it look smarter. The current exterior finish is ‘weathered’.

Photos by Michael Hatton

26th June

Work continues on 1692, 11W and the O car bogies. On Saturday the 22nd, 11W was shunted around cross street to turn the car around so that the other side of the roof could be painted as elavated work platfirm could’t get around to the other side of the car.

A bogie stand that came with the Variotram spare parts has been called to duty in the workshop and is now being used to assist the O car work.

Photos by Michael Hatton