International Transport Cavalcade 2023

The Sydney Tramway Museum has acquired over many years a unique collection of international tramcars. On Sunday 18th June 2023, a rare opportunity was held to enjoy rides in some of these unique vehicles. Berlin 5133, Nagasaki 1054, San Francisco 1014 and Melbourne 249 provided services throughout the day, representing four of the seven continents. Also participating in the event was the Sydney Bus Museum with their iconic London double decker bus – AEC RT 3708 – running services between the museum and Sutherland CBD. The MV Cape Don Preservation Society was also invited to hold a display in our Sutherland Substation exhibition space, where a DVD of trams in Calcutta played for patrons. Ultimately, a very successful day was had by all, with many visitors wanting to take a trip on our international vehicles. A big thank you to those who volunteered their time to make the day as successful as it was.

Credit: Kaelan’s Trains Vlogs