Display Hall Modernisation Project

The museum has been successful in receiving funding from the 2021 Transport Heritage Grants program courtesy of Transport Heritage NSW and the Royal Australian Historical Society. The purpose of the grant is to upgrade its current displays and signage within the main display hall.

Aside from minor modifications, none of the displays have been overhauled since being first installed in 1988, and are showing signs of deterioration. This project will see new displays installed to replace the existing ones, featuring updated information and modern designs that will allow visitors to learn more about the history of the Sydney Tramway network.

January 2022

Materials for the new project have been purchased, with larger items to be stored until large scale works can get underway.

Smaller materials like perspex have been purchased to be later cut down to size for photo frames.

March 2022

A milestone has been reached with the first of the new door frames fitted across Road 4. Paneling is expected to follow soon before the rest of the doors are likewise replaced.

April 2022

Plywood roofing has been removed above the display wall along Road 8. Paving the way for future repairs to damaged support beams and the installation a new roof.
Repainting of the support columns into colours emulating the look of traditional Sydney tram stop shelters will also be carried out.

Repainting of the tramcar plate display board has commenced as well with the first coat of primer applied.

Several wooden panel sheets have been installed to the new Road 4 door frames.

May 2022

Painting continues on the new Road 4 door panelling after being sanded down and undercoated.

June 2022

Work on replacing the old Road 8 door frames and panelling has begun at a rapid pace with the new frames being installed in a space of a few hours, with new panelling to follow shortly.

Next Steps:

  • Road 5 – 7 doors to have new steel frames and plywood installed.
  • New display signs for Road 4 – 8. These are currently being written.
  • Install the new ceiling for the eastern wall.
  • New wall panelling for the eastern wall containing a new display layout.
  • Updated and standardised information signs for all vehicles in the display hall.