South Hill track relay

On Wednesday March 14, work started on the relay of 67m of track in mass concrete starting from ‘Depot Junction’ and running up the grade to pole 28. It is expect that this work will take 12 weeks to complete, but this is dependent on both weather and funds to purchase concrete.

The rail to be used for this work was recovered from Anzac Parade, Kensington and was donated by the contractor working on that section of the new CESLR works.

P1497 ran the final trip to the National Park for the time being on the afternoon of the 14th of March.

Scope of Works

  • New track drain to be installed 10 metres South of the boundary gate to help capture and remove any excess water over flowing from Sydney Trains railway easement.
  • Concrete encase the track and track drains South from the existing concreted Depot points through to pole 28
  • Build a sandstone retaining wall from the South boundary gate to Pole 28 along the western boundary
  • Certify track for operational use.
  • Reinstate grass and tidy up area.

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