Workshop January 2020

15th January

After many delays due to other projects taking precedence in the workshop, the second GE247 motor for O 1111’s new bogies – which originally came from under 141s – has been completed and reassembled. This means both motors for the first bogie are now overhauled, and will be able to be re-fitted back onto their respective truck by next week. Work will then proceed on the motors from the second bogie.

Restoration work continues on Melbourne Cable Trailer 589, with the Wednesday crew beginning repair work on the roof, and replacing timbers where necessary.

Other projects underway in the workshop during this time, include the repainting of various temporary tram stop posts by museum volunteer Voytek Janus…

…as well as the creation of a new ground-mounted tram stop post that will replace a rotted one that was once located next to the Liverpool St. Signal Box. This project is being undertaken by museum volunteers Michael Hatton and Mark Hobbs. The new post will be located in the spot where the former letter box post currently stands in Tramway Avenue.

22nd January

The first O car bogie for 1111, has had it’s newly overhauled GE247 motors re-fitted. This task required the bogie to be placed over the workshop pit for easy access underneath, with most of the main works completed by the end of the day. Minor works like refitting the gear covers still need to be attended to.

The restoration of Melbourne Cable Trailer No. 589 continues to make major advances, with one of the end saloon doors refitted to the trailer by Terry Thomas and Warren Howlett.

And Mark Hobbs continues to assist Michael Hatton in the creation of a new tram stop post, using an electric planer to round off the top of the post.

25th January

With minor works left to do on the first bogie for O 1111 completed, the re-motorised wheels were tested using the workshop’s MG Set generator, to satisfactory results. Work will now begin on the second bogie.