Waratah Loop North


North points and headshunt

The main work of the North Terminus was completed late last year, with the ‘official’ opening being the museum ‘members day’ in December 2017.

However work is continuing at Waratah Loop – extending further north. As this is an extension and not a reinstatement, this work has a lower priority than other tasks.

The work will turn Waratah Loop into an actual loop with a set of left-hand points ‘closing the loop’. Then a little further along a right-hand set will go in with the track continuing to somewhere near the No3 substation.

The right-hand set of points will lead to a (probably) unwired ‘per way siding’.

May 2018

At this location, the eastern track will start to slew west before joining the western track.


Martin Pinches

June 2018

As time as resources permit, more work on this extension. The first track is the eastern one closest to the gate. Shortly the western track will be extended (around the terminal pole for the overhead which at some point will be relocated.
It is hoped that the adjacent gate can be made available for road vehicles soon so that the north gate used by as access by railway contractors can be closed and the ground level dropped to allow further track construction.


Martin Pinches


June 23rd, 2018

Danny Adamopoulos



December 2018

Work has been continuing in this area, but now that the track to the waiting shed is open, work is slower and more low key.

CSO workers have extended the cable ducts all the way to the (tram) substation – that will be the No3 substation for the museum.

Road base that was used for the Variotram unloading was recycled into smoothing the area around the extended track. At the moment the railway contractors accessing the railway substation use the north most gate into the site. We need to dig this area out to put the north loop points in. Soon they will be directed to use the northern Rawson Parade facing gate.

Matthew Geier

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    1. It is an ‘aspiration’. There is no funding or full council approval at this stage. So unlikely any time soon unless a large source of funding appears specifically to make this project happen.

    1. No updates have been provided. And the principal author of Enthusiast Corner has been overseas.

      We are all volunteers and as such works (and news updates) can be sporadic as other things take priority.

  1. Thanks, hope your correspondent returns soon the news provided is appreciated and I imagine he will have plenty to report upon his return.

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