Tramway Ave III – Road Surface Re-sheeting

A while ago the museum was successful in receiving a grant totalling $32,890 under the 2021 Community Building Partnership Program. This grant is to be used for the Tramway Avenue Road Refurbishment project, which comprises of two sections:

  • Asphalt sheeting of Tramway Avenue outside the Railway Square Waiting Shed which will enable us to have a smooth trip-free surface where the rails are currently protruding above the concrete slab.
  • Re-sheeting of the existing asphalt roadway from the front gate south to the scissors crossover, which will allow for the newly laid western track and the street to be at a single level, as well as replace damaged asphalt alongside the western side of the concrete track slab.

The resurfacing work will be carried out for us by OzPave Aust Pty Ltd. Before this is undertaken however, the infrastructure team will take the opportunity to install extra services and a larger water main to help with fire protection and water supply up to the south shed, running down the eastern side of the tramway, across the main street and under the footpath to the YMCA building.

November 2022

19th November

CSO workers have undertaken trench excavation under the western track to allow for the placement of additional water pipes and conduits from the footpath. A steel road plate has been temporarily installed in the street to cover the trench during excavation works.

December 2022

17th December

CSO workers spent the day excavating the trench up to the footpath. This allowed the new conduits and water pipes to be laid for future use, and the trench itself to be packed and refilled by the afternoon. The road base is planned to be resurfaced next January.

January 2023

12th January

OzPave workers have carried out resurfacing of the entire roadway between the entrance gate and Railway Square Waiting Shed, with works only taking the span of a day.

Video: Roberta Canini

14th January

Scrubber car 11 has scrubbed the track outside RWSQ Waiting Shed, with the end result looking nothing short of spectacular. The completion of the asphalting adjacent to Railway Square has been a long term goal of the Museum. While the track is contained in mass concrete, the asphalt sheeting brings the area to a much more historically correct interpretation of Railway Square. We thank all those who have helped bring this project to fruition.