TAFE crossover installation

Sutherland line closure for points installation, December 2018

This project is to install the points at TAFE crossing that will eventually become the end of the museum’s double track section. A Melbourne point mechanism is being installed, and the crossing diamond is one recovered earlier in the year from Anzac Pde, Kensington and is thus a ‘genuine’ Sydney tramway track component.

For the foreseeable future these points will be locked out of use

This project was intended to be completed before New Years, but the wild weather in Sydney during the last week resulted in many local builders cancelling their concrete orders, so the local concrete plant shut down early. The museum order is not large enough to warrant opening the plant. The concrete plant doesn’t expect to open till the 4th of January.

After assembly up at Waratah loop, the ‘prefabricated’ assembly was moved down to TAFE in two sections.

On Friday the 21st of December the Sutherland line was formally closed beyond TAFE and the track lifted for 36m north of the crossing slab. This was levelled and then the points placed into position and welded back into one unit.

Martin Pinches / Matthew Geier

Saturday 22nd December

It was originally planned to concrete, but the early shutdown of the local concrete plan put an end to that plan. The rails between the points and the crossing were placed and welded.

Matthew Geier

Saturday 29th of December

The next panel of rails was cut and welded into position and the track straightened. The track drain frames were also welded into position.

Matthew Geier

Saturday 12th of January

The local concrete plant has restarted. 12m³ of concrete was ordered. 15m³ turned up. With a crew on only 2 workers, this was placed, locking various bits of the track into position. The remaining bits need more rail lining before they to get locked in with concrete. The day was hot, humid and still. It was hot hard work.

Martin Pinches