Repainting W2 249


3rd June

Ian Hanson continues to do touch ups around the car whilst Vic Solomons repaints the handrails silver. All saloon windows have now been reinstalled.

11th June

Joe Spinella has applied the tram number and MMTB emblem decals onto the car saloon panels and driver’s aprons respectively.

17th June

A protective coat of gloss varnish has been applied to the handrails of the car, with work on repainting the drop centre footboards and drivers cab floors in grey, also now underway.

24th June

Repainting is now in the final stages of completion, with current works mainly concentrating on minor paint touch ups to the exterior. Saloon seat bolsters are also being prepared for eventual installation, and work is underway on preparing the interior floors for a repaint into the correct MMTB colours of the era.

27th June

Work continues on touch ups to the car, as repainting of the interior floors begin.

1st July

4th July

Exterior touch ups continue, as the saloon floors are painted back into their original scheme of “Forest Green”. The trolley poles have also been repainted.

8th July

Seat bolsters are being stained in the workshop, before they are eventually coated with a protective gloss varnish. Repainting of the drop-centre floor has also been carried out, with a return to the original colour scheme of “aircraft grey” (with “forest green” under the seats).

11th July

18th July

Bill Parkinson has spray painted the bogies and lifeguards black, as minor touch ups around the car progress. Work concerning the drop centre floor also continues, as Melbourne W2 step treads are painted and installed, and finishing touches are applied around the “Forest Green” squares under the seats.

Photo by Michael Hatton

Saloon seat bolsters are also placed in their final positions before installation.

249 sits on the depot fan, as it nears the end of its repaint.

25th July