Repainting W2 249


11th January

A new year has begun and much progress has been achieved in the past few weeks. Further coats of primer have been applied, holes have been filled in on both end aprons, and sanding back of the upper-half of the tram around the window frames has begun.

15th January

The first coat of MMTB green has been applied to one side of the roof fascia by Ian Hanson (this also includes one of the route number boxes above the driver’s cab). All holes in the end aprons have now been filled in and undercoating continues.

18th January

22nd January

25th January

1st February

Ian Hanson continues the task of applying the first coat of MMTB Green to the tram, with one end apron, the exteriors of two cab doors, and one half of the end saloon panels being attended to so far.

5th February

The second route number box and the other half of the roof fascia, have both received their first top coat of MMTB Green; completing what was started on the other half of the roof three weeks ago. Ian Hanson and Chris Jacobs continue to make good progress on painting the lower half of the tram, with one of the end saloon panels, drop-centre doorways, and one side of the under-frame, all receiving their first coast of green.

15th February

19th February

The first top coat of MMTB Green has now been applied to the majority of 249; only a few panels are still to receive their first coat. In addition, Richard Jones, Vic Solomons and Chris Jacobs, have also been painting the first top coats of MMTB Cream and Deep Brunswick Green, to the drop-centre compartments, the window frames on one end saloon, and the end bumper bars respectively.

22nd February

26th February

Vic Solomons continues to apply the first coat of MMTB Cream to the tram.