Repainting W2 249


7th March

249 is now sitting at the back of Road 1 in the running shed again, after being moved out of the workshop to make way for PCC 1014. The change in the car’s appearance is especially apparent when compared to what it looked like only 4 months ago.

18th March

The second coat of MMTB Green has now been applied to one side of the tram. Work continues on re-painting the interior of both driver’s cabs, including driver’s doors and windows.

9th May

13th May

The second coat of MMTB Green is now finished, with only minor finishes and touch ups left to complete. In the meantime, Ian Hanson has begun work on applying the second coat of MMTB Cream.

20th May

27th May

Ian has completed the second coat of MMTB Cream. Additionally, museum member Joesph Spinella has made a return to Loftus for volunteering purposes, in order to apply the gold lining on the exterior panels. This was completed by the end of the day, with Joe planning to return later in order to apply the tram number and MMTB crest decals*. Work also continues on reinstalling the windows in the end saloons.

As the repaint comes closer to completion, only a handful of jobs still need to be attended to, including touch ups of the green and cream; particularly around the edges, the installation of saloon seat bolsters, a re-varnish of interior window corners, the re-painting of exterior handrails, drivers cab interiors and steps, footboards, lifeguards, interior floors, trolley poles and bogies in their respective colours, and the installation of W2 drop centre step treads.

*Interestingly, these decals, along with the gold lining, came from our friends at the Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Society in Haddon, Victoria, and were brought up to Loftus by Scott Curnow last March. We thank the society for their contribution.