Pitt Street boundary fence replacement, July 2016

Early in 2016, the museum asked for ‘assistance’ from members with funds to replace the Pitt Street fence which has suffered from the attentions of vandals over the years. A few generous donations later and we had enough to contract a fence company to replace the wire mesh fence with a solid palisade fence to railway specification, similar to the fence now along the railway boundary.

This work includes 3 gates, the ‘top’ gate, the main gates and the adjacent pedestrian gate. These gates are custom fabricated for their location and are a significant portion of the cost of this work. Work started on the new fence on the 29th of June.

Danny Adamopoulos

The new fence posts are being put in alongside the existing fence in order to keep the site secure. As the new panels are ready to be attached to new fence posts the old fence will be pulled back so that at no time during the work the museum will be left unsecured.

June 14

The first section of new fence was installed. The old fence was removed and the new panels immediately secured to the previously installed posts.

Matthew Geier

August 21

The new gates are installed and in use. The old gates have been removed. The gates were pretty well the last thing installed as they are custom made for the site.

Matthew Geier

Thanks to the generosity of a small number of members for contributing a significant portion of the funding for this upgrade.

These solid ‘palisade’ fences should last the museum many years and help to enhance the site’s security.