Flashback: Moving to the ‘new’ site and the Royal National Park crossing

Long time member Don Campbell recently provided a DVD made from old videotape he shot during the move to the new site in approx 1984 and then the Royal National Park crossing being reinstated in 1994.

So here are two segments of Don’s work recording two significant milestones in the history of the Sydney Tramway Museum.

Early operations at the ‘new’ site and movement of tramcars from the old site to the new.

Installation of the Prince’s Highway Crossing

When the National Park line was closed in 1991, the then Department of Main Roads wasted no time in removing the crossing and re-cambering the road, despite the fact the line was only ‘services suspended’. (The curve on the crossing was a know accident ‘black spot’). The museum had moved to obtain a lease on the line when the services on the line were suspended. With the lease granted, but the crossing removed, the Department of main roads had to reinstate the crossing. The new crossing was prefabricated and built to tramway standards.

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  1. Slight correction: the tram moves to the new site occurred in October 1988. And the crossing was reinstated in 1992/3.

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