Nagasaki 1054 repairs (Completed)

1054 is in the workshops now for repairs after it’s involvement in an incident on 15th May 2016. This incident is still subject to an ATSB report and will not be discussed further.

The damage to 1054 was relatively minor as it’s ‘built like a tank’, and looking at its aprons at both ends reveals much prior use ‘bog putty’ to fill minor dents and scapes. The car had an eventful life before coming to Austalia items.

The work consists of some minor panel beating, more use of filler and sanding and repainting the repaired areas. This work has mostly been undertaken by members of the ‘Wednesday workshop crew’. The car is mechanically and electrically fully operational and the current work is mostly cosmetic. The car will be given its programmed maintenance and safety checks while it’s ‘over the pit’.

Parko has already started on making a stencil to replace the ‘sprayed on’ car number.

Matthew Geier

By the 14th of March, all the panels were straight and smooth and colour matched paint was applied.

Danny Adamopoulos

The car is only a week or so off being returned to traffic.

On Saturday the 10th of April (2018), 1054 returned to the running shed and its spot was taken by Melbourne Y1 611.

Pending recertification (and recertification of drivers), it will return to traffic duties.

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