Would you like to join us – as a volunteer?

We are an all-volunteer organisation.

If you would simply like to work with people, there’s an excellent chance you will find that you can help us.

And if you remember Sydney’s trams or have an interest in rail vehicles, you’re sure to find you can help us even more.

If you feel you would like to learn more about trams,  then share that knowledge with our visiting public, you’ll especially enjoy working with us.

And if you have a dream of learning to become a conductor and perhaps work towards becoming a driver, there’s a lot you can learn, especially about safeworking – we’re very proud of our safety record.

Why not make your first call to the recruiting hotline where we can arrange for our Traffic Manager to contact you. 9542 3604 Monday to Friday during business hours is best.

Photographers include Dale B udd and Frank McQuade

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