We are an all volunteer organisation and YOU are extended a warm invitation to join one or other of our teams.

Take our TRAFFIC team as one example.

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Tram crews have plenty of oportunities to share their knowledge with visitors.

Traffic crews enjoy a strong sense of cameradie.

Early uniforms have just been adopted as a new standard uniform!

   This is the team which deals mostly with our visitors. The team is mostly composed of our tram crews, that is conductors and drivers but we can use help from people who could assist our visitors in other ways.

Our tram crews undergo training, beginning as a conductor. Our Museum has a strong tradition of safety which goes back to the era of Sydney’s original tram era. After initial training, there is a period of working under the guidance of experienced traffic members before becoming a fully fledged conductor.

While there is much satisfaction in hosting our appreciative visitors, most of our traffic team eventually prefer to become tram drivers. Driver training concentrates on what we call “standard trams”, mostly from Sydney and Brisbane which are operated in similar fashion. Drivers continue to take turns conducting in a normal day.

Our main operating days are Sundays and Wednesdays with additional public days occurring on the three fortnights of school holidays. Some short days of working on call are sometimes available to cater to some group bookings, mainly of seniors’ groups.

It is quite acceptable for drivers to also belong to another team such as restoration and maintenance. People with such a mix of skills are highly valued.