Matador recovery truck and MO2619

Adelaide H358 has been replaced in the workshop by two road verticals. The Madator recovery truck is getting it’s new engine fitted – the original was removed some time ago for repair, but it was found cheaper to source a new (refurbished) engine for it than rebuild the one it had. Replacing the engine is major operation involving jacks and removing the entire front axle assembly. (It’s a 4wd truck, so this is a large operation in itself).

Double deck bus 2619 is back into get it’s drive shaft replaced, a job far easier to tackle over a pit.

Matador mobile

On Wednesday the 4th of June the Matador ‘proved’ itself by dragging a heavy length of rail down from near the South Shed to TAFE cutting on the other side of the museum. The truck still isn’t complete, as it’s fuel tank is still off for repairs.

Martin Pinches

2619 is still waiting parts.