Adelaide H358 truck inspection and repairs

In February 2013, H358 was advertised star billing at the Tramway Festival, unfortunately at short notice it was pulled from the line up due to ‘mechanical problems’ with one of the trucks. It’s now bumped Ballarat 37 out of the workshop to that checks and repairs can be done.

30 March 2013

358 sits over the pit road with the 4 electric ex bus jacks in position for the lift.

Matthew Geier

3 April

The Wednesday crew did the actual lift and removed the faulty truck. The trucks are ‘driven’ out using the ‘shop’ supply used for testing motors. Only enough power is applied to make one motor operate and the truck can be slowly driven out and into the ‘truck’ repair bay. (That of late has been occupied by the cable grip car, so it too has been ‘bumped’ from the workshop!)

Mick Duncan

9 May

One truck is out on the shop floor on stands – the stands raise the truck to an easy working height. Unseen to the left, the other truck is in the truck bay. At the time this photo was taken a couple of members were in there struggling to move a stubborn bolt holding one of the sanders on. Another member can be seen under the front of the car, about to do some work on the life guard brackets.

Matthew Geier

1 June

The two trucks nearly ready to be put back under the car. They have just been washed down with the pressure washer and will get a coat of black paint before being put back under the car on Wednesday

Some body work is being done as well – the cladding on this side was loose, it was removed revealing some rotten timber which is now being attended to.

Matthew Geier


Mechanical repairs have been largely completed, but rotted timber found during the inspection is still being repaired. As of September this mostly consists of finishing up and reattaching the cladding. Visually little has changed for several months.


The car has been re-assembled and will leave the workshop soon.

February 2014

All work is now complete – the car was moved out of the workshop during January and onto 4 road. It has since been re-accredited for traffic and shortly driver refreshers and new driver training will take place.