Variotram parts storage – transfer of parts from 2107

When 2107 was withdrawn from service the last of the spare parts for the type were stacked inside the tram. This made for a cluttered interior – especially after spare parts that had also been stored in 2102 were moved into 2107 prior 2102 being scrapped in January 2018.

On Saturday the 24th of November, 2107 was moved out from its storage on 13 road and parked alongside the main depot fan. As 2107 was not permitted to run outside the depot, a large saloon car was bought alongside – that job falling to Melbourne W2 249. With its 3 doors on the drop centre and longitudinal seating, made for lots of cargo space.

The Variotram spares also included 2 containers with assorted parts. One of the containers wasn’t very tightly packed and contained body stands that could be better stored elsewhere, and one spare articulation bellows that really didn’t fit properly. The stands and bellows have been stored elsewhere, and the container cleared and then fitted with shelving. It then held almost all the parts that had been in 2107.