Depot Junction report 3 – 26th March 2011

Ongoing work continues on the depot point access track, Formwork was stripped from the track drain, and 4 foot area, All the protective cover materials where put back into storage. The 4 foot area was back filled with soil to allow the grass to regrow in.

The rock wall on the western side was completed to Pole 51 on the depot access track and Back filled.

Western Cess area between the Depot track and the rock wall was leveled and prepared for concreting.

Rail was selected and the one side of the foot cut for the fabrication the outside frames of the track southern track drains next to poles 23/24.

Ongoing cleaning up of building rubble left over from the Depots installation and sundry works in the depot points area continues, subject to space availability in blue bin.


Danny Adamopoulos
Rail Infrastructure Manager

Formwork has been stripped Cess area between the depot track and rock wall is leveled off in preparation for concreting. Image taken facing South.

Western rock wall finished to the existing rock wall. Image taken facing South.

Cess and Track drain area levelled off in preparation for concreting. Image taken facing north.