Repairs to PCC 1014

Early in 2018, PCC 1014 developed problems with its control circuits that was eventually traced to an issue with the ‘MG’ set (Motor Generator).

The MG provides the low voltage (32volts) power that runs all the ancillary control logic that makes the car operate.

1014 alongside 611.

In May 1014 was moved into the workshop to look further into the issue and eventually, the issue was traced to a ‘burned’ field coil in the MG set. This required the equipment to be removed from the car, no easy feat on its own.

While the car is in the workshop the opportunity has been taken to deal with other issues like somebody rust, faulty windows. It was then decided that this will mean the car gets entirely repainted.  Other minor repairs or ‘fixes’ include replacing the ‘modern’ sealed beam headlight with an authentic ‘golden glow’ headlight that had been donated for eventual fitting to 1014.

The opportunity will also be taken to lift the car off it’s bogies and give every thing a clean and close inspection. The car has NEVER been lifted in it’s time in Australia.

June/July 2018

Late June the MG set was removed and stripped down. While US contacts have been asked about obtaining parts or even a complete MG set, the workshop is proceeding with repairs to the MG set anyway. If we can secure parts from the US and the fault in our unit CAN be repaired too, it will mean we have spares on hand if a fault occurs in the future.

Matthew Geier

MG body showing burned field coil
Armature and bearing puller

Matthew Geier

In the immediate future, a pair of new bearings will be sourced and the field coils removed and quote obtained for rewinding the failed one.

On Saturday the 18th of August 2018, 1014 was lifted for the first time since it arrived in Australia. The two bogies were rolled out and will now undergo a clean and thorough inspection.

Photographer: Bill Parkinson

Over September work continued on both the body and the bogies. The body panel on the front has been modified to take the original style of headlamp and work continues on cutting out rust spots and other cosmetic touch ups.

The bogies have been cleaned and inspected and were returned to the car.

The bogies had to be put back under the car before completion to allow the car to be shunted out of the workshop when the P class bogies arrived, to allow P1729 to have it’s ‘shop’ bogies replaced with the newly arrived correct type.

December 2018

Work on 1014 continues – with the body being patched, sanded back and painting has started – from the top. On Wednesday the 12th of December the Wednesday crew started painting on the roof – completing the trolley poles and the ‘bridge’ between them.

Matthew Geier

January 2019

The painting work has been progressing, with most of the car now painted – detailing is now starting. The electrical repairs are waiting on parts from San Francisco.

Matthew Geier

February 2019

The refurbishment of 1014 is nearly complete with the repaint & bodywork completed.In the pictures the car has been lifted & the trucks removed, one at a time due to space constraints in the workshop. No.1 truck is up on stands to have the service completed. When both trucks are serviced a coat of gloss black will adorn them before going back under the car.

We are still waiting on the MG set parts from San Francisco to make the car operational again.

Bill Parkinson

16th February 2019

The 2nd bogie was rolled out and placed on the work stand.

Matthew Geier