Recovery of old Sydney Tramway rails from Kensignton

After months of behind the scenes meetings and correspondence –


From Danny, our Infrastructure Manager –

Update on the rail that was recovered from ANZAC Parade Kensington on Wednesday 3/5/17.

In conjunction with Sydney light rail, Acconia and with Craigs Truck were able to recover 18 tonnes of authentic Sydney tram track from Anzac Parade Kensington.

There is approx 70 meters track that was recovered or approx 150 linear meters. this a mixture of grooved rail and T rail with bolt on check rail, and also 80 pound T rail with 60pound check rail leading into the Abbotsford Road points.

There is another load of rail to come out by truck and Craig is planning to go back next week to load the rest. The current load is sitting in Cross Street and will be unloaded on Saturday.
Some archaeological discovery trivia or insight, the facing points from Anzac parade into Abbotsford street still had the point blades in place. The blade was wedged over in straight position with timber wedges and was filled in with bitumen/hot-mix with 20 mm aggregate.
Last of the first batch of old rails from Kensington being unloaded from Craig’s truck.

Danny Adamopoulos/Matthew Geier

This photo believed to be taken in 1959 or 1960, shows the location where the above rail came from – the P class tram is about to run over the rails we recovered.

Anzac Parade corner of Abbotsford Street, Kensington

More rails delivered.

It took some more time, but the contractor working on the Kensington section recovered some more rails for us, two loads being brought to the museum by Australian Train Movers.

This load also included some ‘special work’ items also found buried under Anzac Pde.


Martin Pinches


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