Princes Highway Crossing Signal Replacement – December 2020

In March 2020, a motorist collided with the southern centre signal at the Princes Highway level crossing, causing significant damage to it. Temporary repairs were undertaken so that museum services to the Royal National Park could continue as normal, and works to prepare a new signal for replacement were commenced; the museum’s infrastructure crew spending many hours rebuilding it to modern day standards. These works were finished by late November.

8th December 2020

In early December, approval was granted by the RMS for the partial late-night lane closures of the Princes Highway in order to reinstall the new level crossing signal. This was carried out on the evening of Tuesday the 8th December. Preparation works began at 9:30am, with the infrastructure team starting official works at 9.30pm, which was the beginning of the road occupancy permitted time. The job took a total of 4 hours; the crew finishing off by 1.30am the next day.

The new crossing signal being lifted into place. (Video: Scott Curnow)

Taking advantage of the crossing occupation, the infrastructure crew also took the time to make repairs to the catenary overhead; renewing a selection of dropper wires that had suffered from fatigue fracture.

Postscript – Crossing tests, January 2021

Operational testing of the repaired crossing occurred on the 10th January 2021, using Overhead car 99u. The tram ran through the crossing in both directions a few times, before tests were determined to be a success. The crew then travelled further into the National Park, to focus on repairing a section of overhead previously damaged by storms. Once this is completed, the line will reopen for traffic.

Video: Matthew Geier