2012/13 Overhead Projects

December 2012

On December 17th 2012 a specialist pole contractor used their machinery to install an extra steel pole (from the museum’s collection) in Tramway Ave for the cross street overhead, a replacement timber pole at Depot Junction and two other poles on the National Park line.

A compilation of various works around the site on the day. No video was shot in the park as our concrete supplier, knowing we were working (as we had ordered concrete to secure the steel pole), sent over 3 more trucks with surplus.

Steel pole for Cross Street

A Steel pole from the museum collection that will be used to assist holding up the Cross Street intersection overhead is installed using the pole contractors specialist equipment. This pole was concreted into position. The surplus from this pour was used to do more track edging up at Railway Square.

Photos and Video: Matthew Geier

Depot Junction

One of the timber poles here is ‘life expired’. A new treated pole was placed next to the worn out one. The timber poles are not concreted in, the pole contractor mixed a small amount of cement into the spoil from the Auger and then rammed the soil around the pole using a hydraulic tamper.

Photos: Matthew Geier

National Park

Two poles were place along the National Park line. This tested the off road skills of the pole team.

Photos: Danny Adamopoulos

Now that the poles are in position, over the next few weeks/months the overhead team will move the overhead fittings to the new poles. Eventually the old poles will be removed.



The new pole 22 at depot junction – featured in the video, has now put put into service. The stub of the old pole 22 is just poking above the pile of orange bricks.

Photo: Matthew Geier

March-April overhead report

A sideways positional adjustment was made to the Railway Square frog, which has seen an operational improvement on the cars so far trailed.

Five Sydney style double bow and two straight line hangers and ears were overhauled for the Cross Street main cross spans to replace the temporary Melbourne style units. Following the change over and re-tensioning of the trolley wire, the intermediary pull-off bridles will be made up and installed.


On Wednesday the 12th the local fire and rescue unit dropped in and after the last park tram of the day did some ‘tree felling’ practice on one of the old redundant span poles.

Photo: Matthew Geier

July 17

Tower truck 3 was out, and in between regular Wednesday services on an other wise pretty quiet Wednesday, tramway overhead span wires were moved from being attached to the poles via wire loops to being held by large solid metal brackets. This was one of those little long standing jobs that just never seemed urgent. Things went pretty smoothly and most of the remaining tied span wires were moved over.

Photo: Liam Brundle


On Wednesday the 18th of December, pole 138 on the National Park line was changed over. The new pole has been inplace for the best part of a year before time (and manpower) was found to do the actual change over.