Berlin 5133 gets an ‘airing’

On Saturday the 18th of April, Berlin 5133, which has been ‘trapped’ in 15 road for over 12 months was towed out with the forklift and ‘powered up’ with a view to see what defects need to be addressed before re-certifying it for traffic.

The car was run up to Army and back as a test of on board systems and notes made of what needs to be attended to before return to traffic. It was also the first time this car had run through the Railway Square points and the Pitt Street cross over. It ran though both sets of special work with out problem.

The car was returned to 15 road after the test and will be attended to in due course.

Martin Pinches

The destination of ‘Betriebsfahrt’ literally means ‘company journey’, but actually means ‘running to depot’ (A depot is a Betriebshof). Sonderfahrt (Special Journey) isn’t on the roll.