DRTT Broomwade Air-Compressor No. 38

After languishing outside unloved for more than a generation, former DRTT Broomwade Air-Compressor No. 38 will shortly return to the Sydney Tramway Museum fully restored. What a credit to Craig Parkinson and other Museum members who supported this project.

Broomwade Air Compressors were used by the NSW Tramways for track renewal and repair work. They supplied air to a variety of pneumatic tools.

(Text by David Critchley, Photos by Craig Parkinson)

One thought on “DRTT Broomwade Air-Compressor No. 38”

  1. A fine job of restoration. Congratulations.
    There is a lot of equipment that is needed to run a tramway besides the trams. It is great to see dedication and effort put into these items as well, Regards Ed

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