Take A Ride On A Vintage Tram



Our annual celebration of Sydney trams is on SUNDAY. Come along and ride some of the rarer trams in our collection. This year it’s all about the Sydney Crossbench Cars!

Who’ll be out to wow the crowds? Why, F Class 393 of course! 393 looks exactly the same as she did 115 years ago when she rolled into service.
While the rest of the ‘F’ Class became ‘L’ then later ‘L/P’ Class trams, 393 survived, becoming the Driver Instruction car at Dowling Street Depot.

Commonly nicknamed ‘Toastrack’ Cars, because they looked like a Toast Rack, these trams had a remarkable ability to move people around Sydney that remains unmatched today. Come on down and experience the magic of a coupled set of O Class Trams, the work horses of the Sydney Tramway Network.

The P Class Trams represented a technological leap forward for tramway technology – With Automatic acceleration, Automatic coupling and further advances in passenger comfort.

N Class 728 of 1906 will be operational for the Sydney Vintage Tramway Festival on Sunday, 26 February 2017.  It could carry almost twice as many people as contemporary trams then in service and load and unload faster too. The success of N Class led to further crossbench designs: the E, H, J, K, M, O and P Classes all evolved from the N Class in response to different operational challenges and the crossbench design dominated Sydney’s streets for the next 30 years and so say, for the another 20 years on top of that! So come along next Sunday to ride N Class 728 and experience a real game-changer!

The very first tram we ever preserved, L/P 154 is gearing up to appear on Sunday! 154 started its life as an F Class Tram in 1900, then became an L Class tram in 1907, until finally becoming an L/P in 1920. 154 represents early Tramway experimentation which ultimately, lead to the development of the O & P Class trams, using the best features of the L/P and refining those that perhaps, weren’t quite suited to Sydney. Despite being over 100 Years old, 154 is ready as ever, to take you on a journey so that you too can experience the magic of ‘Shooting Through like a Bondi Tram’!

There may be a few extra surprises for the big day with Vintage double deck bus rides a and a Vintage car display as well. Hope to see you there….


O1111+O805 waiting for the Heritage Express steam train.

Steam tram riders board the coupled set on arrival.
A coupled set of O class trams, Sydney’s most famous toastrack tram.

Take a step back in time at the
Sydney Tramway Museum, a great day out for the whole family. It is a unique attraction in the Sutherland Shire for over 50 years, located at Loftus right next to the railway station and entirely run by volunteers. Sydney’s Trams were an important part of everyday life for over 80 years until 1961. You can experience them at the museum which houses a wide selection of Sydney Trams, plus an interstate
collection of trams from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, and Bendigo, as well as trams from overseas including San Francisco, Nagasaki, Munich, Milan and Berlin.

R1_1979_disembkgMP_img-6041Jump on board and get your ticket from the conductor as you ‘Shoot Through Like A Bondi Tram’ along 4km’s of track towards Sutherland and the Royal National Park.


Then take time to check out the display hall full of some of our unique trams, including the oldest operating electric tram in Australia dating back to 1896.

Volunteers assist passengers to board former Brisbane Tram 548.

Grab a photo behind the controls or take a seat on board. A wide range of equipment and memorabilia from the former Sydney system is preserved here and can be inspected. Enjoy the large photographic display from locations all over Sydney where the trams once ran.IMG_1281edit


VTF_Scot w_families
Get your tickets from the conductor.

Grab a bite to eat at the Kiosk which serves hot and cold food, ice creams, tea and coffee, and a variety of drinks. Or pop into the Souvenir Shop and pick up a book or DVD to learn more about the trams.

The Museum is entirely run by volunteers and every dollar from your ticket sale goes towards keeping the museum operational. We pride ourselves on being a hands on experience so young and old can enjoy the trams.

Double Deck bus 2619 looks stunning just outside the workshop and is nearing completion.



Its more than just trams to. We also have a collection of vehicles which are in some way linked to the Tramways. These include Tower Wagons used to service the overhead trolley wire, an AEC Matador Recovery Vehicle which were used as the prime mover of the tramcar carrying trailer on which trams were transferred between various parts of the network, one of the last AEC double deck buses in Sydney representing the tramway replacement buses, and the sole surviving double deck trolley bus.

Sydney R1 tram 1979 sits along side the AEC Matador just outside the workshop.

If you really enjoy your day out why not join up and lend a hand.
Learn skills in all areas from Track and Infrastructure, to Workshop, to Conducting and Driving. Pick up a membership form from one of our helpful volunteers.


Join the team in the workshop restore trams to their former glory.
STM 01 Good Job.
An advertisement for conductors to join the Sydney Tramways. Why not join the museum and try your hand at a being a conductor.
Trams aren’t just for the boys, here’s one of our female conductors. We also have the first female tram driver in N.S.W. as a member of the museum.

Operating Days:

… Wednesdays .. 10 – 3 pm

… Sundays   … 10 – 5 pm


The Royal National Park

Trams operate to The Royal National Park on all our open days. The first tram operates at 10.15am, then hourly. (Wednesday last trip departs National Park at 2:30pm, Sunday at 4:30pm.)

Between these trips there are shorter rides towards Sutherland.


Adults $18

Concession $12

Children $10 (under 5 free)

Family tickets

Family tickets: 2 adults and 2 children, additional children are free.  And it’s just $46. Includes admission to Display Hall and unlimited rides on our trams.

Our Day Tickets are multi ride – good for the day … and they include admission to our Display Hall where you can see our oldest and most interesting trams.

Keep an eye on the website and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SydneyTramwayMuseum/ for special events including our annual Vintage Tramway Festival on the last Sunday in February.


We are in need of more volunteers to help out, so if you really enjoy visit to the museum why not come back, become a member, and lend a hand. Volunteers are needed in all areas of the museum, from Traffic being conductor and driver to helping in the workshop, cleaning, and even admin.