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Thank you all for a great afternoon and night!

Great support by Photographers'.

Quite apart from the welcome funds through the gate, our members were delighted with the support we received for this special evening. The relatively mild weather certainly helped us all. We thank members of the public for their pleasing response.

The great food delighted our public so special thanks go to Filomena Critchley, Paula Newton and Mitchell Skillhorn for their catering.Bob Cooper

A good number of our members turned out for the afternoon and had been there from the morning onwards, moving trams around in preparation for the beginning. One, well rugged up in the evening, pictured, is Bob Cooper who works both on maintenance and on many of our public days in our Traffic Team providing the service to the public.

A number of photos and links to online galleries have been collected together at a special events page. See some of what our visitors created with the material the museum put on show.

Normal prices will resume on our regular Sunday and Wednesday opening days.

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Family tickets, just $46, please see conditions.

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Our Museum grounds include a small park with a large picnic shelter.


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