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Our tramline into the Royal National Park is in operation - 15 mins past the hour. No extra charge!

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Special thanks to all those who came to enjoy our holiday programme.

Grand-parents - you excelled as tour guides!

Kids are keen!

We enjoyed the crowds of young folk brought by parents...and grandparents. Our volunteer staff enjoyed seeing their young visitors so enthused by the trams.

Enjoy trams trams from the entire grand era of electric trams in Sydney - from 1898 until their closure in 1961. You can also see trams from other Australian cities. There is even a tram of the style appreciated in Newcastle. It is in the front row of our Display Hall (no. 154) next to our most modern Sydney car (no. 1979). Entry to the Display Hall is included in your Day Ticket.

Nowadays there can hardly be a cheaper day in Sydney: seniors and concession card holders have unlimited rides for only $12 and school children for just $10 (pre-schoolers are free). The adult price is $18 and there are family arrangements where, after two adults and just one child, extra children in the same family are free. Details, see Conditions

Where are we? Just click Location. Opening times: Sundays - 10.00 until 5.00 p.m.; Wednesdays - 10.00 until 3.00 p.m.

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NZ and interstate tram museums hosted for conference!

We were especially pleased to welcome overseas and inter-state guests for the conference which is held every two years.

COTMA is the Council of Tramway Museum of Australasia. Our Kiwi cousins have some great Museums, too.

We meet every two years and we have hosted them over the past few days.

At right a sample of one of the treats we have had for our guests when we showed them the sights of our Museum and our trackage ... including our line into the Royal National Park. A very special sight was that of this coupled set of trams, a type dating from 1908.

They were very advanced for their time, four motors each, speeds up to about 70 km/h on empty bush roads to outlying villages, seating for 80 on each car. We eventually had over 600 of them, the second largest group of one model on the planet and still moving us around in the late 1950s. The one nearest the camera is kindly on loan by the Power House Museum.