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The perfect family holiday entertainment! ... throughout the holiday weekend!

We are actually running on Good Friday!

While any time is perfect for vintage tram rides, Autumn is ideal for its perfect temperature. It's a great time for a weekday or weekend family visit in comfort to show the children what real public transport was like.

In the autumn school holidays, we are open on all weekdays and Sundays. Select a day which suits you from the table at left.

If Mums and Dads are taken up on the week days, why not think of grand-parents to take the children? The chances are that they rode trams in their youth – that will qualify them as ideal tour guides for the children!  If they don’t drive, no problem! We have a railway station right next door. 

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The Easter Show.

At right is the tram destination sign which delighted children as their Showground reached their tram stop. A huge fleet of these trams ran from Railway Square to the old showground then back again. Extra trams at Railway Square would take many of them to their homes, othrs used the trains.

Below, a coupled pair of 80 seater trams leaves the showground for Railway Square with a cargo of tired but happy chldren heading for home, clutching their show bags. - F. McQuade collection.

showground trams

Our Museum grounds include a small park with a large picnic shelter. We have plenty of shade and there's also our Display Hall with our oldest and most interesting trams. This and unlimited tram rides are all included in your Day Ticket.

These days there can hardly be a cheaper day in Sydney: seniors and concession card holders have unlimited rides for only $12 and school children for just $10 (pre-schoolers are free). The adult price is $18 and there are family arrangements where, after two adults and just one child, extra children in the same family are free.

Normal prices: school children $10, concession passes $12, adults $18. Family tickets, see conditions, just $46. Entry includes our Display Hall.

Posted on 17th April.



13th April 10 - 5
Mon 14th April 10- 3
Tues 15th April 10- 3
Wed 16th April 10- 3
Thurs 17th April 10- 3
Good Friday 18th April
10- 5
Easter Sunday 20th April
10 - 5
Easter Monday 21st April
10- 5
Tues 22nd April 10- 3
Wed 23rd April 10- 3
Thurs 24th April 10 - 3
Anzac Day - 25th April
10 - 5
Sun 27th April 10 - 5
We should mention that our Royal National Park line is closed until further notice due, at this stage an unknown heavy vehicle severely damaging our overhead wiring at the Princes Highway crossing with an illegally high load.

That said, our visitors have enjoyed the tram rides as much as ever - we have plenty of track in use and our deployment of several trams has given everyone plenty of variety.