Tramway Ave II

Street Track Relay

After many delays and years of planning, work has commenced on the next major track renewal project: the relay of the track in Tramway Avenue from the front gate to the scissors crossover. More of the recovered tram rails from Anzac Parade, Kensington will be reused for this project. The plan is to take one track out of action at a time, resulting in single line working whilst each track is rebuilt. The first stage will see the western track relayed, with the second stage focusing on the eastern track. As has been done in the recent track relays, the rails have been pre-welded into long lengths prior to the start of excavation of the old track. Seven lengths of ex-Kensington 102lb grooved rail were cleaned of adhering concrete and welded into one long length with various ‘dings’ also repaired. Other works such as tie bars have also been prepared in the workshop by the museum’s infrastructure crew.

25th April 2020

Works to prepare the current life-expired western track for excavation are underway, with old asphalt bordering the rails being cut up and removed, resulting in a nice clean finish.

2nd May 2020

Removal of the original track has now begun with earth excavations expected to begin next week. Lengths of Kensington rail have been moved closer to their final position.

9th May 2020

The museum’s contract earth mover Alex Canini spent much of the day excavating the new track bed. The spoil was loaded onto the museum tip truck, and dumped in an area near the South Shed. Work was also undertaken to break up a worn section of concreted track south of the scissors crossover, which will be removed and replaced with Kensington rails as well.

A time-lapse video of the day’s excavation work has been posted to the museum’s YouTube channel and embedded below for viewing.

Video: Matthew Geier

16th May 2020

Our earth mover was back to finish breaking up and excavating the worn section of concreted track south of the scissors crossover, with the old rails removed for possible reuse elsewhere.

Some of the spoil has been reused in other areas to ‘tidy up’ (fill holes and dips) sections of land alongside the South Hill track. Most has been stockpiled for future use near the South Shed.

20th May 2020

The infrastructure crew spent much of the day cutting up sections of the old rails, in preparation for reuse as track drain covers on the new track.

3rd June 2020

The track team continues to prepare the old rails for reuse as track drains and pit cover frames, among other uses.

13th June 2020

The new rails have now been laid, in preparation for their final positioning and connection to the existing rails.

17th June 2020

Work continues on welding the new Kensington rails, to the previously laid Bondi Junction rails at the Pitt St gate.

24th June 2020

The infrastructure crew continues to progress with minor works before concreting can begin. This includes adjusting the rails to the correct height and gauge, before tie bars and track drains are then fitted.

27th June 2020

Works have progressed on track re-gauging, as well as tie bar installation.

8th July 2020

Mike Giddey continues to prepare the rails for the fitting of tie bars, as donated chunks of concrete are spread out along the line.

18th July 2020

Installation of track drains is now underway, as more lengths of Kensington rail are selected and laid to complete the gap between the previously laid track, and the scissors crossover.

22nd July 2020

The works team have begun to level and weld the two new sections of grooved Kensington rail, to the rest of the existing track.

1st August 2020

The last of the tie bars have now been fitted, as progress continues on installing the track drains. Dents in the rails continue to be welded up as well.

Meanwhile, a section of the “four-foot” near the museum entrance, has already received a donation of surplus concrete.