Reconstruction of Depot Junction, February to April 2011

Early in 2011, ‘Depot Junction’ was reconstructed with new cast blade units and set in mass concrete. The old junction was getting a bit ‘wobbly’ and was in need of strengthening.

This section consists of 4 reports the Infrastructure manager wrote at the time to advise the board of the progress with this project. I have simply converted the Word documents to web pages with no additional editing other than the minimum required to get the conversion to work, and is presented ‘as is’ to shed light on this important project.

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  • 6th of Feburary The replacement of Depot Junction.
  • 19th of March Depot main. Part of this work had to take place under hastily constructed temporary cover as heavy rain appeared just after the concrete truck.
  • 26th of March Preparing the track trains and cess.
  • 3rd of April Concreting the track drains and cess.