TAFE Crossover II

December last year (2018) a new set of points were installed next TAFE crossing. This project was completed to a point to be able to re-open the line but it was not completed.

This month, November 2019, the line has been closed again to finish this construction off and it is hoped to finish this in 4 or 5 weeks.

9th November 2019

The trackbed has been excavated and the conduits for the negative feeder installed. The rails are laid out ready for welding.

16th November 2019

The rails were welded and by the end of the day were ready for concreting next weekend.

23rd November 2019

More welding and preparations for concrete. Welding has been held up by total fire bans. However, enough track and formwork is in place to take concrete if any is offered.

Photographer: Matthew Geier