South Gate track upgrade

The scope of this project is to upgrade 66m of the track heading south from Depot Junction points up the grade past the south gate to the first pole. Presently the mass concrete track stops at the Depot Junction points, the track from there heading south dates back to the early days of the museums opening and was used only as a headshunt to bring trams from the depot to the start of the museums main line to Sutherland. When the Museum gained access to the royal national park line in 1993, this head shut then became the main line to the park. This section of track is heavily used with every tram movement passing over it. not only just trams but many other many other rubber tired vehicles use the track to get to the South Shed.
The replacement track will be in mass concrete same as the recent Army hill rebuilt track with some new drainage works as well to form a solid track and driveway to the south shed.

This project will entail an approx 2-month shutdown of the national park line, so a lot of preparation work is taking place prior such as track welded into a continuous 66-meter length. Steel Sleepers cut ready to be welded, track drains ready to be installed.

Utilities conduits and pipes were laid back when the depot points were rebuilt in preparation for this section of track to be rebuilt.

This section of track will be built using recently reclaimed rail from the old Kensignton tramlines buried in Anzac Parade that was pulled out earlier this year to make way for the new Light rail line going in.

This project will require
132 linear meters of rail
40 cubic meters of concrete
300 hours of volunteer labour.

Scope of works for South Gate track upgrade

Danny Adamopolous

November 2017

The some lengths ‘bolted check rail type’ of tramway rails recovered from Kensington are being cleaned and welded together to make up two long lengths of rail. These will be dragged into position after the old track has been dug out.

Danny Adamopolous

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