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National Park line pull off installation

Work by John Hollands Rail

This is a long-awaited project undertaken by one of John Holland Rail’s overhead teams. Over 3 days in October 2020, the John Hollands crew visited the museum – and working with the museum overhead supervisor collected up the necessary parts the museum had stockpiled, assembled and an installed them along the line.

When the National Park line was re-opened in 1993 the overhead was hastily reassembled to allow trolley pole trams to use the line. As a trolley pole can track a wire quite badly off centre, most of the pull-off installation was skipped for expediency. It was always intended to go back and finish the job. However, as the line was perfectly fine for trolley pole operation this was a low priority.

However over with the arrival of SLR 2017, we needed to finally address this and make the overhead pantograph compatible. While several of the museum’s foreign cars were pantograph cars, two had been converted to pole operation. Converting the LRV would not be historically appropriate so it was decided to finally make the museum ‘dual-mode’ compatible as originally planned for maximum flexibility. The job was too big and would have taken too long with volunteer labour, so RH rail was approached to do the job.

John Hollands Rail working on the the National Park line overhead. Photo: Scott Curnow