Channel Seven’s Sunrise comes to Loftus

On a cold (and Dark) winter’s morning, Channel Seven’s Sunrise weather reporter Edwina and her crew came to the museum to film a number of sort segments for the program. These went ‘live to air’ from the museum.

The Sunrise crew were actually booked to film live from an US warship, but that fell through the day before, so they remembered that they had an outstanding invitation to the museum and called our publicity officer, David Critchley, early on Sunday evening and asked could they come the next morning. David rang around and managed to get a handful of volunteers prepared to brave the cold and dark and get to the museum at 5am to open up and get everything ready for the first weather cross of the program at just past 6am.

Below, Liam Brundle has put together the sequence of ‘live crosses’ as broadcast in one whole video –

Video: Liam Brundle. Footage copyright of Channel 7.