Online SMS Library

Introduction to the SMS Documentation

The Safety Management System has been adopted by the Board of the Museum and is binding on all volunteers in the Museum, across the whole spectrum of Museum activities, whether they involve directors, managers, workshops, infrastructure or traffic staff.

The Museum’s paramount concern is the safety of visitors, volunteers, the public generally, and of material assets. Each volunteer is bound by that policy and has an individual obligation to uphold that policy. That collective and personal obligation requires the Museum AND its’ volunteers to:

  • continually maintain awareness of the contents of the SMS;
  • comply with its’ requirements;
  • see that the Museum itself and fellow volunteers comply;
  • involve the whole volunteer workforce in developing, monitoring and revising the SMS.

The SMS is required to enable the Museum to retain its Certificate of Accreditation from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator under the Rail Safety Act. Without that accreditation, the Museum would not be legally permitted to build, maintain or operate its’ trams or infrastructure. The SMS has been, and continues to be, developed by the Museum, by collating material generated within the Museum over many decades, augmented by the creation of new or revised policies, procedures and standards. The SMS is required by law to cover specified topics and in prescribed ways, but the ultimate substantive content is created by the Museum itself. By annual audits, and in other ways, ONRSR verifies that the SMS adequately covers all required topics AND that the Museum is actually complying with its’ own SMS in its’ day-day operations and in the longer term, e.g., whether the Museum is ensuring that tram and infrastructure inspections and maintenance are carried out when the SMS says they are to be carried out. The SMS includes procedures for ongoing monitoring of the system, so that it can continually be reviewed and improved.

An important method of keeping volunteers informed of the (constantly-changing) contents of the SMS is by making it available on the Museum’s website.
Any comments on the SMS or suggestions for improvement should be sent (preferably by email) to any member of the Rail Safety Management Team, the main Museum group involved in the SMS process.

Currently the team members are:

  • Ian Saxon
  • Matthew Geier
  • Geoff Graham
  • Richard Clarke
  • David Rawlings