Rules of the society

On the 14th of February 2015 new rules of the society were adopted that brings the society into compliance with the Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 No 29.

Note: The registrar rejected these the rules adopted on the 14th of February due to not obtaining ‘prior approval‘ of a wording change of the ‘active membership provisions‘. (Rule 4).

Rule 4 has been amended and approved by the registrar and was presented to the members on the 29th of August 2015. These amended rules have been accepted and registered as the rules of the society and are now in force.


Download the PDF

The rules will be presented as a web page in due course.

The rules above are pretty much the current ‘model rules’ as of December 2014 with the blanks filled in. Some of the rules don’t appear to make sense as they refer to things in the legislation linked below. Other clauses are there because the legislation says so and they really don’t have practical applicability to the operation of our Co-Op, but they are still required to be present.

Acts of Parliament that apply

In any case where the Act conflicts with the rules, the Act overrides. However professional legal advice would be advised if you have any issues or contact Geoff Graham of the SPER board.

The Austlii links generally provide an easier to read version of the Acts over the official government sites.

Historical Rules

These documents are provided for historical interest only, having been replaced by new model rules that comply with the current laws in force. They are maintained here for interest and private research purposes. They no longer have any legal force.

Note – the ‘official’ version of the rules comprise of a ‘base’ document (The model rules) and a set of ‘changes’ as enacted over 30 years. However consolidated versions are provided to aid reading the rules, but in the event of any discrepancy between the consolidated documents and the original documents, the original documents prevail.

  1. The rules and resolutions collected into one document.
  2. Rules of the South Pacific Electrical Railway Co-Operative Society Ltd

Note that the master rules file here are large files as they are PICTURES of pages of text and not PDF files of text. Very large files. And some times not all that clear. The source material has suffered in storage.

Also note – these PDF files have had ‘Optical Character Recognition’ software run over them to turn the images into text, and the result embedded as a layer in the PDF files, however due to the indifferent quality of the source material, this has worked from reasonably to generating complete rubbish. If you try to ‘cut-n-paste’ from these PDF files, you may get an unpleasant surprise when you paste the text into a new document.

  1. Model rules of a Community Advancement Society (Co-operation act, 1923 – 1945)
  2. Rules of the South Pacific Electric Railway Co-operative society limited. (3 typewritten pages, signed by 7 “applicant members”, including Norm Chinn, Ben Parle,Ted Davies, David Keenan and Bill Tuffnell). This document adopts the Model Rules in 1 above as the rules of the Society, but with modifications, and includes the Registrar’s formal registration of the Society and its’ rules on 2 April 1959.
  3. Amendment to rule 18. Special Resolution of 6 March 1964, providing for the election of Honorary Directors.
  4. Amendment to rule 17 (and others). Special Resolution of 23 June 1967,providing for management fees,default in payment of same, raising loans and the signing of cheques and other documents .
  5. Amendment to rule 22. Special Resolution of 27 February 1970, providing for the appointment of a deputy director.
  6. Amendment to rule 5. Special Resolution of 29 June 1979, amending the objects and powers of the Society.
  7. Amendment to rule 20. Special Resolution of 11 January 1980,relating to raising loans.
  8. Amendment to rule 24. Special Resolution of 15 October 1988, as to “active membership” provisions.
  9. Amendments to several rules. Special Resolution of 28 April 1990, relating to;
    • No dividends to be paid;
    • Notice of Special Resolutions;
    • No remuneration for directors;
    • Method of alteration of rules.
  10. Amendment to rule 118. Special Resolution of 19 May 1990, as to distribution on winding up of the Society.
  11. Amendment to rule 17. Special Resolution of 22 June 1991 ,as to;
    • Liability for unpaid shares;
    • Annual Management Fee;
    • Annual Levy.
  12. Board resolutions on SPER rules, 20th June 2010.