Summer Holiday Programme

In these beautifully lazy days of the sumer break, the Sydney Tram Museum provides an experience that is quite different from any in Sydney, or even New South Wales. It’s a Museum where you can actually ride some of the exhibits.

christmas_tram_07_jd An additional feature of the Museum is that every hour sees us take people right into the Royal National Park – some describe it as our Bushland Cruise! This runs at a quarter past every hour and returns a few minutes later making the return trip just a litle under a half hour. We even have special discounts for bushwalkers who simply want to take some easy transport to the walking track where they can make their own way through bushland to a lookout with spectacular views.

Another line, using a different tram, takes you north to the fringes of Sutherland.

Then there’s our Display Hall where you, or maybe the youngsters you have brought along can see and even climb aboard some of our oldest and most interesting trams.

And as you might fancy a cool drink or ice-cream on these summer days, there’s our modest little kiosk with light refreshments.

Buying for Christmas?

hathorn4We even have our Green and Cream Tram bookshop where one item of interest is a story book based on the life of a paper boy in Sydney’s thirties hopping on and off Sydney’s trams in the course of his work. It’s written by leading chldren’s author Libby Hathorn. Great for the early school years or even those a little younger. A bargain at $14.95 .

And for those grown-up tram fans, why not pick up our classic DVD Shooting Through which shows trams running on almost every line in Sydney. It’s a great buy at $34.95.

Tram picture above by Josh Dreves.

Normal prices: school children $10, concession passes $12, adults $18, Family tickets, see conditions, just $46. Entry includes our display hall where you can see our oldest and most interesting trams.